Live the Values, Register to Vote

As members of Pi Kappa Phi, part of our membership commitment outlined in the Student Creed is to prepare ourselves diligently to shoulder their full responsibility as citizens. As election day (November 3, 2020) approaches, there is potentially no better way to live this commitment than by registering to vote.

The vast majority of states require citizens to register to vote prior to election days, with many voter registration deadlines occurring between the first and second weeks of October. If you are intending to shoulder your responsibility as a citizen and vote in the upcoming federal, state and local elections, please ensure that you complete your voter registration before the date listed below in your state. For a list of voter registration deadlines by state, please click here.

In addition to registering to vote, many states have additional deadline for requesting an absentee ballot. Voting through an absentee ballot allows you to avoid the polls, submit your vote via mail prior to election day and prevent the spread of COVID-19 by staying home. Deadlines for absentee ballot requests can be found here, however, it is a best practice to request your ballot well in advance of the deadline in case of delays with mail delivery.

Before you get to the polls or cast your ballot, read up on who and what you are voting for. You can view a detailed description of candidates and measures on your ballot by clicking here.

You can also go the extra mile and volunteer to be a poll worker on election day. Due to the spread of COVID-19, many vulnerable, such as older persons, who traditionally have been relied upon as poll workers will stay home this year. Thousands of paid poll worker vacancies are available to those willing to serve on election day. Learn more about becoming a poll worker here.

Regardless of how you vote, please ensure that you are registered to vote by your state’s deadline and play your part in electing your federal, state and local leaders this November. By voting, you are living Pi Kappa Phi’s value of responsible citizenship, fulfilling the commitments made in our Ritual, and engaging in the development of your community.