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Take the Consultant Visit Survey

To help us better our consultant visit program, we rely on your feedback and suggestions. Please take a few minutes to review your consultant's visit. Your evaluation is anonymous and will help us improve the quality of the leadership consultant visits. 

Date of Visit  / /  

Rate the quality the visit on a scale of 1 to 5

(1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest):

Individual Officer Meetings:    
Executive Council Meeting:  
Chapter Meeting:    
Associates Meeting:  
Consultant’s Professionalism   
Planning/Communication of visit:    
Overall Effectiveness of visit  

 Select YES or NO for each of the following questions 

Did you provide the consultant with a completed visit schedule upon his arrival?     
Did the consultant meet with all officers (including risk manager and philanthropy chair?)      
Did the consultant meet with a university official (i.e. fraternity/sorority life advisor)?       
Did the consultant meet with your chapter advisor?       
Did the consultant complete all of the items you scheduled for his visit?     
Did the consultant present himself professionally at all times?     
Would you like this consultant to visit your chapter again?      

 Respond the following questions in the area provided 

In what area of focus was the consultant most beneficial to your chapter? 
 What was the most helpful suggestion given to you by your consultant?  
 In what ways or areas was the consultant least beneficial to your chapter?  
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Contact Email (In case of follow up):

If you have further feedback, contact us at chapterdevelopment@pikapp.org