Kansas Pi Kapps announce new chapter house

What started out as 57 men looking for brotherhood 17 years ago, has now turned into one of the best Pi Kappa Phi chapters in the country with over 400 active members and alumni.

We will be hosting a ground breaking ceremony later this spring. An informational website will also be set up in the coming weeks where you can find all the information on the new house including ways you can donate.

We are incredibly excited for the future of Theta Epsilon and the opportunity to transform men’s lives for many years to come. A HUGE thanks goes out to our chapter’s housing corporation, Pi Kappa Phi properties, and Theta Epsilon alumni. Without their hard work and guidance, none of this would have been possible.

“We couldn’t be more excited about establishing a house of our own after 15 years leasing our current house from another fraternity that was no longer on campus,” said Housing Corp. President Kyle Wilson, Theta Epsilon #56. “Our housing corp. has been working hard for several years now to find a more permanent housing solution for our chapter, knowing that we could not count on leasing our current house forever. Greg Buhner at Pi Kappa Phi Properties got us connected with several developers to explore a solution for a vacant lot in Lawrence that was already zoned for Greek Housing and we were able to close the deal with Roger Lantz of Greek Housing USA. This new house will not only be ours for the foreseeable future, it will also be in compliance with the most current building and energy codes, providing a safer and more comfortable environment to support our chapter operations and the college experience of our members.”
– Kyle Wilson, Theta Epsilon Housing Corporation President

“In the Summer of 2015 I signed my bid knowing that the chapter’s housing situation was somewhat up in the air. I had seen the bonds formed through my older brother’s previous experiences as a member of Pi Kappa Phi and knew there was something special about the Theta Epsilon chapter. However, what I did not know, nor expect, when I signed my bid card was that I would be leading the transition of a ninety man chapter out of one chapter house and into a new one. Now that the deal has been signed, the real work has just begun and I, along with the rest of our Executive Council, are looking forward to all that is to come. This new house is the result of many years of sustained success both on and off campus. From our twenty-five Pi Alpha’s to our fifteen years of participation in the University of Kansas’s Rock Chalk Revue, the Theta Epsilon chapter looks forward to many, many more years of making a positive impact in our local and national communities. Through all of these experiences one motto has remained resolute in its importance to the Theta Epsilon brotherhood: OΥΔΕΝ ΔΙΑΣΠΑΣΕΙ ΗΜΑΣ; Nothing Shall Ever Tear Us Asunder”
– Archon Reid Abbott, Theta Epsilon – University of Kansas

If you are interested in helping the chapter with expenses associated with furnishing the new house please contact us!

New Chapter House at Kansas