Journey of Hope Team Stops in Arlington to Raise Awareness About Disabilities

The basketball game at UTA’s Maverick Activity Center was part of a cross-country venture called Journey of Hope that Phi Kappa Phi cyclists participate in each year. Before tipoff, Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams presented a proclamation declaring July 16, 2016 as Ability Experience Day.

“Arlington citizens join me in recognizing the accomplishments of the members of this Journey of Hope team, which has given so much time and energy and resources for the creation of a greater understanding of Americans with disabilities,” Williams said to a crowd of cyclists, UTA athletes and visitors.

A couple of hours before the game, Movin’ Mavs men’s head coach, Doug Garner, taught the Journey of Hope team drills, pointers and best practices in how to maneuver the specialized wheelchairs his players used.

As the game commenced, player collisions, wheelchair falls, missed shots and loose balls from the Journey of Hope team juxtaposed with the fluidity of skill from the Movin’ Mavs and gave audience members entertainment and occasional laughter.

The Movin’ Mavs won the first 10-minute quarter 41 to 0. For their first time in a wheelchair, the Journey of Hope team performed pretty well, said Jan Gans, Movin’ Mavs player from 2012-2016.

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