Jesse Kornblum

After being a crew chief for the Transamerica route in 2008 and being a Give-A-Push Weekend facilitator multiple times, as well as being a part of The Ability Experience events locally, Jesse learned the importance of volunteering and knew he would be doing it forever. Since graduating, he has enjoyed finding two amazing nonprofits to volunteer within Colorado. He has worked closely with the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the National Kidney Foundation enjoying participating, planning and volunteering for their events in Colorado and across the country. He enjoys sponsoring the TransAmerica and North routes of the Journey of Hope by providing meals as they come through Boulder and Denver. Professionally, he has continued to grow his security company Clearwater Security & Event Staff on top of his recent transition into being a residential and commercial real estate broker. He credits Pi Kappa Phi with making him the man he is today by allowing him to build amazing friendships with men of class that have supported him through everything he has done.