Iota Phi welcomes new executive council

As Iota Phi has just been welcomed into the fraternity, the chapter has gone through great lengths to reach out to the local community of Loyola New Orleans; as well as strengthen the image projected of a Pi Kappa Phi initiate.

The members of the executive council are the leaders of the current as well as future generations of Iota Phi. These leaders play the crucial role of being the first to connect with the community around the chapter; infusing the values and ideals of Pi Kappa Phi. Concluding our elections, this newly elected council will propel Iota Phi into a new era.

The most important executive council position above all other members on the board is the archon. Iota Phi wants to thank the previous holder of the position, Connor Burke (Senior) for leading all of these new initiates of Pi Kappa Phi, and welcome in newly elected archon, Peter Herrick (Sophomore). Following the leadership and commitment left behind by Mr. Burke, Mr. Herrick commits himself to serve his chapter as well as the national fraternity by leading the new chapter into the future. Alongside the newly elected archon, positions from vice archon to risk management chair were filled by newly elected initiated: Vice Archon Ronald Chavis (Sophomore), Treasurer Braden Ketch (Sophomore), Secretary Chris Saucier (Sophomore), Warden Kieron Oliver (Sophomore), Historian Brian Cutter (Junior), Chaplin Samuel Ravelo Jr. (Junior), Standards Board Chair Andrew Queale (Junior), Risk Management Chair Michael Reiber (Freshman), and Philanthropy Chair Max Heimburger (Freshmen).

As new positions are filled, Iota Phi wishes to honor the previous members of the executive council: Archon Connor Burke (Senior), Vice Archon Django Szilagi (Junior), Treasurer Chris Saucier (Sophomore), Secretary Alex Kneib (Senior), Warden Ronald Chavis (Sophomore), Historian Samuel Ravelo Jr. (Junior), Chaplin Brendan Gallagher (Senior), Standards Board Chair Andrew Queale (Junior), Risk Management Chair Peirce Nordone (Sophomore), and Philanthropy Chair Brian Cutter (Junior).

As this new formed chapter, the members of Iota Phi always find new ways to improve upon their involvement, both within the community and also within the fraternity. As the chapter cements its relationship to the community of Loyola New Orleans, the leaders of the executive council will encourage and aid the members within the chapter, as well as the future generations of Iota Phi.