Tim Mueller Recognized for Work in Star Wars

Tim Mueller2 WVU 022417

In the official trailer for the film, you can see a shot of the Death Star with a huge red planet hovering behind it.

Mueller spent the summer working around the clock, in excess of 70 to 80 hours a week, as the sequence lead on “Rogue One.” That means he created interface designs and special effects artwork that are visually consistent with the rest of the movie.

Mueller created that huge red planet because, after all, where are you going to go in reality to film a planet with the Death Star floating by?

As a digital matte artist, the Baltimore native has had a hand in crafting unreal worlds for several major motion picture blockbusters. Digital matte artists specialize in matte paintings, which are realistic, painted representations of landscapes. These paintings serve as backdrops for movies, television shows and video games that would otherwise be impossible to film.

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