How do you represent Pi Kapp on campus?

We received several responses and wanted to highlight a few here.

“Every week I serve at a local homeless center near St. John’s university, I wear letters and engage in discussions about what it means to be in a fraternity and do service.”
—Dominic Gierber, Alpha Xi (St. John’s)

“Pi Kappa Phi’s Iota Eta chapter at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is repressed very well on campus. Many members take leadership positions at the student government and board of campus activities. Pi kapps also are heavily involved as orientation leaders and admissions officers. These things set us a bar above the rest because people around campus see us making a difference.”
—Robert Webb, Iota Eta (Embry Riddle)

“I represent Pi Kapp by being a respectable member of society. Someone who provides opportunities to the less fortunate and who volunteers to make a difference. Someone who is proud to wear the letters of Pi Kappa Phi and proves how we are striving to make a change. On Campus we represent Pi Kapp by putting on a great event in War of the Roses and raising awareness for people with disabilities.”
—Daniel Goyco, Theta Kappa (Baylor)

“Holding my self to a really high standard by not letting the negative connotations of Greek life affect the way I carry myself. Pi Kapps here at UNT are seen as the most involved, and by joining many organizations I aim to become a leader, not only in university activities, but also in our Greek community. I strive to change the way people think of Greeks, and by wearing our three letters I believe that I am doing my share to make it so.”
—Marcos Sillero, Gamma Tau (North Texas)

Let us know how you represent our brotherhood on your campus –