Harrelson leading campus program for Bellhops

Harrelson joined Pi Kappa Phi fall of 2012 and is very thankful for his undergraduate experience. His participation in the fraternity created an environment that fostered great times, learning experiences, established a support system, and more than anything else, encouraged him to grow as an individual.

Bryce graduated from Georgia Southern University May 2015 as a finance major and uprooted to Chattanooga, Tennessee, to begin his first full time job as a Market Manager with Bellhops, an on-demand labor service provider that exists in 90+ cities across the United States. He originally heard about Bellhops at a chapter meeting in 2012 and worked both as a mover and a campus director while in college. He credits his involvement with Pi Kappa Phi for the incredible opportunity that led him to where he is today.

Bellhops exists to provide a solution for an unavoidable part of life: moving. They separate from traditional moving companies through the technology used and the company’s over-the-top emphasis on customer service. They’ve found that these factors, accompanied by a can-do attitude and scheduling flexibility, make the moving experience easy, efficient, and enjoyable for both the customer and Bellhops.

Bryce is actively recruiting new college students to join his team every day. You can check out the internships at www.getbellhops.com.