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Pi Kapp Marketplace

While Pi Kappa Phi relies on vendors to provide much of its merchandise, including apparel, jewelry, mementos, etc., the fraternity provides chapters with a number of resources directly through the national fraternity website. A online order form is available to chapters so they can order membership badges, pre-initiation supplies, White Diamond member education manuals, recruitment supplies, etc. Please click the following link to access the form and submit your order.  

Greek Licensing

In order to protect the heritage of our marks and maintain ownership of them, we must have a program in place to monitor the use of our trademarks. This is why we have our licensing program. Our goal is to license only vendors producing quality Pi Kappa Phi merchandise and providing excellent customer service. Those vendors that we have given permission to utilize our marks are called licensed vendors. When you purchase products from licensed vendors, you are supporting Pi Kappa Phi and our licensing program and protecting the history and heritage of our organization...our founders would be proud. 

Click here for to find Pi Kappa Phi licensed vendors and products.

If you want to purchase from a vendor who is not licensed with Pi Kappa Phi, please refer them to info@affinity-consultants.com.


Pi Kapp Store      
The Pi Kapp Store
Operated by Advanced Online, a vendor that produces, stores and ships all PiKappStore.com site products. Advanced-Online produced the PiKappStore.com website based on our guidelines. PiKappStore.com works in conjunction with Advanced-Online to determine what items should be available on their site.

We are very pleased to be working with Advanced-Online because of their high standard of quality products and superior customer service balanced with a focus on cost effectiveness.

 Nationwide Insurance 
    Pi Kappa Phi is proud to partner with Nationwide Insurance to offer Pi Kappa Phi alumni exclusive discounts on auto insurance. Plus you can save even more when you add features like a Vanishing Deductible. Get a free quote or call 1-866-633-5747
Gremlin Books

Gremlin Books offers one stop shopping for books, using the ISBN, searching over 150 textbook sites to find the lowest price offered.  You could save literally hundred’s of dollars using this resource.  Gremlin Books’ commitment to scholarship and service parallels that of Pi Kappa Phi’s and we’re confident that this partnership will be mutually beneficial to the Greater Fraternity, our members and their families.  Gremlin Books will be giving 30% of every dollar spent through the following link back to Pi Kappa Phi to support leadership programming for our students.  

Please bookmark and visit PI KAPPA PHI BOOKSTORE to support your fraternity and see how much you can save.  Please share this link with your family and friends for their book saving needs and support.