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Pi Kappa Phi’s Statement on Alumni List Requests  

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity values the alumni experience. For many, this includes communication, events and opportunities to reconnect with the National Fraternity, the local chapter and those with whom they spent their undergraduate years. However, the alumni experience must be balanced with the right of individual alumni to limit access to private information including contact information. As such, we’ve placed limits on who may be able to receive your contact information and the ways in which it can be accessed. Pi Kappa Phi alumni information may be provided to members of specific chapters for the advancement of the fraternity’s alumni development goals and objectives which include, but may not be limited to communication and event promotion. Alumni lists are NOT distributed on the basis of geographic location, only based on Chapter or Pi Alpha affiliation.

Should you meet these qualifications and wish to request an alumni list, please fill out ALL entry fields of the form below and consent to the privacy policy statement.

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Pi Kappa Phi alumni mailing lists are for the exclusive use of volunteers and alumni organizations for the sole purpose of updating membership rosters and/or for the distribution of chapter newsletters and other records, contacting alumni by mail or email regarding chapter anniversary or reunion events (i.e. homecoming, parents weekend, chapter anniversary, etc.)

It is expressly understood that alumni lists contain personal and proprietary information and are not to be sold or given to any outside agency, individual or business for the purposes of solicitation or telemarketing.  Such action is a violation of federal privacy laws and is subject to prosecution.  By requesting and receiving an alumni list you accept and agree to these terms and conditions and understand that violation of the same will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action to you and your chapter.