Excellence in Engagement and Champion Master Alumni Chapters Announced

Excellence in Engagement

This award recognizes alumni organizations that demonstrate excellence in promoting lifelong brotherhood through communication, alumni events, sounds business practices and support of the undergraduate chapter. Recipients of this award will be considered finalists for the Alumni Chapter of the Year award. This award is based on the results of the Annual Alumni Organization Survey.

Omega of Pi Kappa Phi, Inc.
Delta Delta Corporation for Property Development, Inc.
Alpha Psi Alumni Organization
Iota Kappa Pi Kappa Phi Alumni
The Omicron Club, Inc.
Beta Eta Alumni Corporation
Eta Delta Alumni Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi, Inc
The Eta Pi Alumni Chapter
Eta Omicron Alumni Chapter
Alpha Xi Alumni Chapter


Champion Master Alumni Chapter

Gamma Gamma Alumni Chapter
The Alpha Rho Alumni Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity
Chi Alumni Chapter Corp
Theta Psi Alumni Chapter
Beta Omicron Alumni Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Housing Corp, Inc.
Epsilon Epsilon Alumni Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi
Alpha Epsilon Housing Corporation