Summer Alumni Reunion

Every other summer, in the years between Supreme Chapters, Pi Kappa Phi alumni and guests gather together at the Summer Alumni Reunion to celebrate the fraternity.

This event began in 2005 to provide alumni with an opportunity to reconnect and relax with fellow alumni, friends and family. Additionally, the event is light on programming to give guests ample time to enjoy the host city. There are no meetings and no business—just brotherhood.

The past locations for Summer Alumni Reunions have included:

2005—Las Vegas, NV
2007—Chicago, IL
2009—Boston, MA
2011—Charleston, SC
2013—New Orleans, LA
2015—Clearwater Beach, FL
2017—San Diego, CA


The next Summer Alumni Reunion will be held on July 25-28, 2019.

Questions? Please contact Denise Nelson, Assistant Executive Director of Alumni Engagement.