Eta Lambda Chapter braves bad weather for good cause

Pi Kappa Phi held its largest event Thursday, Oct. 8, through Saturday, Oct. 10, in order to raise money for The Ability Experience. The fraternity plans to hold more fundraisers this year as an important aspect of their philanthropy goals.

Standing in the mall as students passed by in the rainy weather, chanting to get donations in their buckets, Philanthropy Chairman Justin Angermeier described the “sit-a-thon” as the fraternity’s biggest on-campus event. Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity can be seen raising money by camping out each semester in support of the national chapter’s self-operated philanthropy, The Ability Experience. As the only fraternity with its own philanthropy, the standards are high.

Supporting people with disabilities, this non-profit organization facilitates awareness events and summer camps, raising money for grants to be given to local organizations to improve facilities and equipment, according to Angermeier plans on furthering the fraternity’s recognition on campus in a positive way.

“We do this every semester so people know what we’re about,” Angermeier said. “The Ability Experience is a non-profit organization. We do multiple projects and a bunch of awareness events. We bike across the country, across Florida. We do ability weekends with brothers from all across the country to come together and be in one area for the week and we’ll build summer camps, wheelchair ramps or build cabins; all which help people with disabilities.”
Other members of Pi Kappa Phi are proud of the operations of the fraternity and what it stands for.

“The sit-a-thon is a lot of fun, even though it’s raining,” Pi Kappa Phi member Nicholas de Stefanis wrote in an email. “It’s for a good cause and we have fun with it. We will listen to music, throw a football around or just hangout. It’s something that gets our whole chapter together. Rain or shine we will still do it because we know it is for a good cause.”

Breaking the Greek life stereotype is something the fraternity is aiming toward with each fundraiser. Angermeier sees Pi Kappa Phi’s professional development as a reflection of the national chapter’s philanthropy and the community giving back to its members.

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