Epsilon Beta Chapter attends Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers

The following is the Epsilon Beta Chapter’s report:

The Executive Council of the Epsilon Beta attended Pi Kapp College of Chapter Officers in Columbus Ohio.  Our 2018-2019 Executive Council consists of (Archon) Conner Carns, (Vice Archon) Ronald Raymo, (Treasurer) Jake Gipe, (Secretary) Collin Turkelson, (Warden) Christopher Nostrant, (Chaplain) Adam Trombley, (Historian) Jacob Downey, (Philanthropy Chairman) Matteusz Conrado,  (Risk Management Chairman) Luke Rekuta, and (Standards Board Chairman) Joshua Holmes.

While attending, we obtained our official charter!  While we have been here each of us learned the ins-and-outs of our positions making us more able to sculpt our crafts within our position and be as beneficial as possible for our chapters, our alumni, and all of Pi Kappa Phi.  The Epsilon Beta chapter of Pi Kappa Phi is anticipating a very productive year in 2019.