Last Update: March 25, 2020

COVID-19 Updates

Pi Kappa Phi is committed to supporting each of our members, alumni, volunteers and chapters during the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Updated as of March 25, 2020

Please keep in mind information may change daily, which will impact previous decisions and statements. Based on questions received thus far, we have compiled a Frequently Asked Questions document at the link below.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg has implemented a “stay at home” directive effective Thursday, March 26, through Thursday, April 16. Due to this directive, the National Office will be closed. While essential personnel may go to the office for a limited amount of time each day, the office will not be staffed to receive package deliveries (FedEx, UPS, etc.); however, incoming mail will be monitored daily. In addition, there will not be a live operator on duty so all incoming calls will be directed to dial by directory for staff and callers can leave voicemails as needed.

As leaders within your chapter and local communities, practicing courageous leadership, focusing on the health and safety of your chapter brothers and their families, and continuing to uphold Personal Responsibility and Responsible Citizenship is of the utmost importance during this time. As each day presents new information and new opportunities to lead, we encourage you to follow all national, state, local, and university guidelines in your decision making.

We are grateful for the support and understanding of our constituents during this time. We will get through this as a fraternity, city, state, country and world. Most of all we will be better because of it in the things that really matter: compassion, self-sacrifice, benevolence and love — one for another. Whether you are an initiated member or not, this is what our Ritual calls us to do.


Coronavirus FAQ as of March 19, 2020

Chapter Support & Operations

Headquarters Support: The office currently closed through April 16. Chapter Relationship Managers (CRMs) will continue regular video calls and support as needed. Please communicate any and all updates to your CRM regarding university meeting practices, updated timelines, and impacts to any chapter operations.

Accountability and Prevention: If you have a prevention education program (ASTP, Ladder of Risk, Ultimate Respect in Action) scheduled, Jamie Rae Parker will reach out to you to discuss cancellation. Please remember all university & Fraternity Risk Management policies still apply and social events should be following those respective policies.

Seven Objectives of Chapter Excellence (SOCE) and Chapter Operating Expectations (COE) be evaluation: Archons should continue to work with your Chapter Relationship Manager and turn in any and all documents, programs, fundraising, and other information the chapter was able to accomplish. Please keep in mind some items may be completed remotely and via video to receive credit. The Chapter Development Team will take time to evaluate SOCE and COE in the coming weeks and communicate any changes in scoring and/or items marked “Not Applicable” due to present circumstances.

Pi Kappa Phi 2020 Member Survey: All members should take time to complete the survey with the link emailed to them each week. Chapter Archons and Secretaries have received a master grid of all members’ unique survey links to share with member who may need it. If any members have questions regarding the Member Survey, please reach out to Director of Member Development Dylan McKenzie at

Staying connected with one another: As this seems to be changing with each passing day, we recommend you stay up to date on current university recommendations and follow their direction. As of Wednesday, March 18, the CDC has recommended no more than 50 people in a gathering and the White House Coronovirus Task Force has recommended no more than 10.

For the health and safety of all members, we encourage you to hold chapter meetings and associate member education via online platforms and cancel any large-scale events for the remainder of the spring term. We strongly encourage the chapter to plan and prepare for a fall budget season, fall recruitment, and other chapter programs and events that will need to be rescheduled for fall. All of these committee and chapter meetings can be held through FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and other platforms. Look into pricing options for one master account to be premium to avoid time limits or participant limits.

It is important that during this time we continue to keep our brothers engaged and involved with each other and the chapter. Please see the FAQ above for some suggestions and opportunities to continue brotherhood through virtual connections.

Complete information on Chapter Operations

Chapter Billing, Dues & Fees

Please refer to the FAQ for updated and detailed information on chapter billing, dues and fees.

Chapter Relationship Managers will continue to work with chapter leadership to collect member dues and fees as billed. In addition, the billing cycle discussed at Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers and as listed in the Year in the Life will continue as planned. Please continue to collect dues to cover your chapter’s national dues and fees.

If spring events are canceled that are part of the chapter budget, consider adjusting dues locally while still fulfilling invoices from the national office, campus/IFC, and/or any vendors.

Associate Member Education & Ritual of Initiation

Recommendations for holding ROI: First and foremost, the health and safety of our members is of the utmost importance. All chapters and members should follow the direction of their host institution regarding events, gatherings, etc. If your university has asked for all on and off-campus events to be canceled, this applies to ROI.

We recommend following CDC and national guidelines for gatherings; as of Monday, March 16, the recommended max number of people to gather is 10.

At this point (March 18th) the National Headquarters recommends not holding a Ritual of Initiation ceremony simply because we cannot predict the unintended outcomes of a small gathering of people. Instead, it is recommended that chapters begin planning for an early fall initiation date.

Ritual of Initiation should not be held virtually in any manner. Because the Ritual is esoteric, please reserve all Ritual materials and scripts for in-person interaction only, to be held upon return to campus. Please use this time to have your Chaplain and Ritual committee meet virtually to plan, practice, and prepare for the first few weeks of the fall term to hold Ritual of Initiation and debrief with your spring associate members.

Please see the FAQ above for information on Rescheduling ROI.

Spring Formals & Social Events

It is imperative for chapters to follow all university, local, and state guidelines when it comes to gatherings of any kind and social events. Currently, the CDC is recommending no gatherings of any kind over 50 people, and the White House is recommending gatherings of no more than 10 people, and that all people are practice social distancing.

While this may be challenging to manage given the copious amounts of free time your members may now have, should individual members take action to host social gatherings in the chapter’s name against your direction you have a few options:
-Interim suspension of the individual members by 3/4th vote of the chapter’s executive board prior to the event happening, along with clear communication and expectations about not attending or hosting these events to your membership. These votes can and should be taken by video call, conference call, or email.
-Your chapter can hold standards board hearings virtually (Zoom, and FaceTime are some free options.) Please remember that Standards Board meetings need a five-day notice prior to the hearing.

Your Chapter Relationship Manager and the Prevention & Accountability team are working remotely during normal business hours and will assist you in any challenges you may have with individuals or questions on chapter activities. Our regular chapter accountability protocols are still in place to hold chapters accountable for chapter behavior. Should our team find out about any event that would not be in compliance with our Risk Management Policy, an interim suspension will be issued. This is the time for us to be responsible citizens and to take precautions that keep your members and your community healthy and safe.

The Archon or Treasurer should contact Brooke Kingsley Isbell ( for assistance in contract review.

Alumni Events

If you have an alumni event currently planned, please refer to your local government guidelines and recommendations for holding events during this time.

We recommend following CDC and national guidelines for gatherings; as of Monday, March 16, the recommended max number of people to gather is 10.

Please inform Mary-Michael McClure ( with any changes to your upcoming events and with any further concerns.

Summer Events

Session I for Pi Kapp College for Emerging Leaders is canceled. The Training & Development Team will reach out to any admitted students and facilitators with additional details. Session II in July is still scheduled to be held. If you have specific questions, please contact Rebecca Curtis at

As of March 18th, Supreme Chapter is still being held. The second half of billing to chapters ($875) is currently on hold pending updates regarding COVID-19. Additional details will follow for payment and registration.

The Ability Experience is currently monitoring Gear Up Florida, Journey of Hope and Build America, and will communicate any and all updates directly to team members and parents.

Housing & Properties

If your chapter operates or you reside in chapter housing, contact your local institution to learn about policies and procedures that might affect access, resources, and support.

Begin to develop a plan, should the institution move to online learning, to ensure your living space and chapter members are safe, secure, and adequately accommodated.

In the case that an individual within one of your housing facilities is feeling ill and/or is diagnosed with COVID-19, follow the recommendations made by your educational institution immediately for next steps.

We ask that all Housing Corporation Board officers communicate with the host institution to learn more about any precautionary measures or steps that should be taken.

If you reside in a Pi Kappa Phi Properties operated facility, please work closely with your designated live-in House Director or Property Manager for any updates and impacts to the house and brothers who reside there.

Housing & Properties FAQ

Chapter Volunteers

Please partner with your Chapter Relationship Manager for anything the chapter and Executive Council needs for support. We want to ensure our students follow all directions, focus on student health and safety, and continue to offer ways to engage the membership in new ways during this time.

Counseling Resources

This extended time away from your campus community and need to social distance can bring up anxiety and other feelings. Counseling Resources are provided by Health Management Systems of America. You can call 866.227.3834 or log in online at This is free, 24-hour-a-day access to 13,000 behavioral health counselors across the country.

It is also a good practice to make sure that you stay in touch with brothers during this time to make sure they are all healthy and safe. Be aware of their travel plans, encourage them to stay quarantined if they are not feeling well, and create a system to check-in with everyone on a regular basis. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff if you have any additional questions or concerns.

A Conversation with Ross Szabo on Mental Health & Coronavirus

The Ability Experience

Ability Experience is committed to supporting our members, chapters, volunteers, and partner organizations during the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). At this time, our staff is focused on incorporating safe and healthy practices to ensure the long-term success of our fraternity and those we serve. As this situation is fast-moving and constantly evolving, we will continue to provide updates and recommendations through the page link below.

As always, stay in contact with your Regional Director of Chapter Services to receive support for all your efforts tied to The Ability Experience.

The Ability Experience Updates