Last Update: December 1, 2020

COVID-19 Updates

Pi Kappa Phi is committed to supporting each of our members, alumni, volunteers and chapters during the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Updated as of December 1, 2020

Please keep in mind information may change frequently, which will impact previous decisions and statements. Staff will add updates and additional information regarding support for our members and chapters as necessary.

Out of a commitment to the health and safety of staff and constituents, Senior Leadership has made the decision to keep the staff on a work from home status until further notice, until something changes with current North Carolina restrictions which would allow for more staff to be physically in the office.

Essential personnel are in the office for mail and package delivery daily. Please note the Kelley A. Bergstrom Leadership Center of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity is currently closed for all guests and visitors until further notice. In addition, there will not be a live operator on duty so all incoming calls will be directed to dial by directory for staff and callers can leave voicemails as needed.

As leaders within your chapter and local communities, practicing courageous leadership, focusing on the health and safety of your chapter brothers and their families, and continuing to uphold Personal Responsibility and Responsible Citizenship is of the utmost importance during this time. As each day presents new information and new opportunities to lead, we encourage you to follow all national, state, local, and university guidelines in your decision making.

We are grateful for the support and understanding of our constituents during this time. We will get through this as a fraternity, city, state, country and world. Most of all we will be better because of it in the things that really matter: compassion, self-sacrifice, benevolence and love — one for another. Whether you are an initiated member or not, this is what our Ritual calls us to do.

Coronavirus FAQ as of December 1, 2020

Chapter Support & Operations

Chapter Relationship Managers (CRMs) hold monthly video calls with Archons in addition to other support as needed. Leadership Consultants (LCs) will support chapters in key operational areas, in addition to hosting virtual visits with select chapters in the spring term.

Please communicate all updates to your CRM regarding university meeting practices, updated and adjusted timelines for the spring (and winter) term(s), and impacts to any chapter operations and recruitment.

We recommend you always stay up to date on current university recommendations and follow their direction. These guidelines should be followed for any chapter gatherings, including recruitment events, philanthropy events, chapter meetings, and associate member education.

Chapters should plan to provide a chapter and brotherhood experience virtually and/or socially distant for their members this year. A university that is conducting classroom instruction online should not impede the chapter’s ability to operate; rather, it allows an opportunity to rethink how to function as a chapter in a new way. Staff are available to coach and consult chapters to thrive in this new environment.

Virtual & Hybrid Brotherhood Engagement Ideas

Chapter Billing, Dues & Fees

Please refer to the FAQ for updated and detailed information on chapter billing, dues and fees.

Chapters should plan to cover all national dues and fees, insurance, and other vendor contracts for the academic year. Chapters are responsible for budgeting accordingly, continuing to collect dues, and making decisions in the best interest of the chapter.

Chapters carrying forward a higher-than-normal balance into the spring semester may be placed on a payment plan with the National Headquarters. This payment plan agreement will allow staff to continue to coach and work with the chapter to collect money while allowing the chapter to continue to operate. If a chapter falls behind on their payment plans, staff may defer to a partial or full suspension of chapter activities, until payments are made.

While some outlooks seem unclear right now, we do know that for our chapters and the Greater Fraternity to successfully continue, there are basic business operations that must continue even during these unique times. One of these is our risk management and general liability insurance program.

Chapters were billed for the 2020-2021 risk management and general liability insurance program in April at the rate of $300 per member. Chapters that paid in full by June 30, 2020, received a 10% discount. The deadline to pay the invoice in full was September 21, 2020. We will accept good faith payment plans for those chapters unable to pay by the September 21 deadline. Chapter leadership received the invoice, billing roster, and additional details from Mark E. Timmes and national staff.

The 2021-2022 Risk Management & Insurance Program will be billed in April. Chapter Archons and Secretaries will have an opportunity to update an insurance roster with all changes due by May. Chapters who pay by the early discount deadline in May will receive a 10% discount. The full invoice will be due September 21, 2021.

Please speak with your chapter leadership for any questions regarding local dues. Chapter leadership and advisors should work with the Chapter Relationship Manager for payments, roster adjustments, and general information and additional questions regarding the program and billing.

Where Does the Money Go?

Associate Member Education & Ritual of Initiation

Chapters should have completed all the Associate Member Education curriculum within university guidelines during the fall term. In line with the Model Associate Member Education Program, chapters may not “hold over” associate members for any reason.

National Staff have guidelines and recommendations, with esoteric information, on how to conduct ROI with social distancing guidelines in place. If you are allowed to physically hold ROI with limitations, please contact your Leadership Consultant or Chapter Relationship Manager for further details.

In addition, staff have guidelines and recommendations for holding a virtual Ritual of Initiation.

A full review of the updates and changes to ROI may be covered in the Chaplain track and follow up calls during the virtual Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers.

Please see the FAQ above for information on Ritual of Initiation.

Social Events

We understand many states and localities may reopen and reverse/”lock down” in various phases in early 2021; it is vitally important that all members, regardless of location, continue to follow all university, local, and state guidelines regarding gatherings of any kind and social events. This includes traveling away from campus to other areas or states with differing guidelines; chapters are still expected to follow university guidelines at all times and all locations.

Please know that during this time there will be increased scrutiny from your neighbors and community members that will involve increased reporting if there is a concern. While it may be tempting to gather in larger groups as your local communities open, we encourage all members to exercise caution and follow all recommendations and guidelines for a specific area.

Should individual members take action to host social gatherings in the chapter’s name against your direction you have a few options:
•Issue an interim suspension of the individual member(s) by 3/4th vote of the chapter’s executive board prior to the event happening, along with clear communication and expectations about not attending or hosting these events to your membership. These votes can and should be taken by video call, conference call, or email.
•Your chapter can hold Standards Board hearings virtually (Zoom, and FaceTime are some free options.) Please remember that Standards Board meetings need a five-day notice prior to the hearing.

Your Chapter Relationship Manager and the Prevention & Accountability team will assist you with any challenges you may have with individuals or questions on chapter activities. Our regular chapter accountability protocols are still in place to hold chapters accountable for chapter behavior. Should our team find out about any event that would not be in compliance with our Risk Management Policy, an interim suspension may be issued. This is the time for us to be responsible citizens and to take precautions that keep your members and your community healthy and safe.

The Archon or Treasurer should contact Brooke Kingsley Isbell ( for assistance in contract review for upcoming events.

Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers 2021

Pi Kappa Phi's annual conference for chapter leadership, Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers will be held virtually in 2021. All training will be conducted through a series of online modules, small group live trainings, and Chapter Relationship Manager-led Executive Council live trainings during the month.

Traditionally, the training for Executive Council Officers and Key Committee Chairmen is has been held in-person during the month of January. Keeping the safety of our students and volunteers in mind, Pi Kappa Phi has adapted this training to be held in a virtual capacity while still providing the same opportunities for leadership development, networking and fraternal fun.

Attendance will be taken and module completion will be tracked; officers who do not complete the required trainings in full will impact the chapter’s opportunity to receive an insurance rebate and/or be removed from their elected position.

Additional details will be sent out in the coming weeks. If you newly elected to an executive council position for 2021, please plan to participate in this virtual program by adding it to your list now.

Lastly, please note that there is no additional charge for this year's experience to the chapter for registration or travel costs.

If you have questions, please contact your Chapter Relationship Manager or Assistant Executive Director of Training & Development Tavianna Williams.

More Information

Alumni Events

If you have an alumni event currently planned, please refer to your local government guidelines and recommendations for holding events during this time.

Please inform Mary-Michael McClure ( with any changes to your upcoming events and with any further concerns.

Housing & Properties

If your chapter operates or you reside in chapter housing, contact your local institution to learn about policies and procedures that might affect access, resources, and support.
In the case that an individual within one of your housing facilities becomes ill and/or is diagnosed with COVID-19, follow the recommendations made by your educational institution immediately for next steps.

We ask that all Housing Corporation Board officers communicate with the host institution to learn more about any precautionary measures or steps that should be taken.

If you reside in a Pi Kappa Phi Properties operated facility, please work closely with your designated live-in House Director or Property Manager for any updates and impacts to the house and brothers who reside there.

Pi Kappa Phi Properties Website

Chapter Volunteers

Please partner with your Chapter Relationship Manager for anything the chapter and Executive Council needs for support. We want to ensure our students follow all directions, focus on student health and safety, and continue to offer ways to engage the membership during this year.

Counseling Resources

This extended time away from your campus community and need to social distance can bring up anxiety and other feelings. Counseling Resources are provided by Health Management Systems of America. You can call 866.227.3834 or log in online at This is free, 24-hour-a-day access to 13,000 behavioral health counselors across the country.

It is also a good practice to make sure that you stay in touch with brothers during this time to make sure they are all healthy and safe. Be aware of their travel plans, encourage them to stay quarantined if they are not feeling well, and create a system to check-in with everyone on a regular basis. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff if you have any additional questions or concerns.

A Conversation with Ross Szabo on Mental Health & Coronavirus

The Ability Experience

The Ability Experience is currently recruiting for 2021 Gear Up Florida, Journey of Hope and Build America, and will communicate any and all updates directly to team members and parents.

Chapters should plan to hold all philanthropy and service events in compliance with university and local, state, and federal guidelines and expectations. While events may look different, financial support and volunteered time is more important now than ever with the disability community when done in a safe and responsible manner.

As always, stay in contact with your Regional Director of Chapter Services to receive support for all your efforts tied to The Ability Experience.

The Ability Experience Updates