Chapter House Summer Preparation

The leading risks to a chapter facility during the summer break period are: Fire, Vandalism, Theft, Water damage, Wind and Hail.

Each year, fire has been the leading risk factor with the majority of the serious fires occurring during summer break. In a recent claim study, 76% of all claim dollars were paid as a result of fire damage. In all the fires, the common denominator was human error and lack of leadership within the chapter. Water damage is another risk, if unchecked, it can lead to large losses within your chapter house.

Follow these list of tips below to ensure your chapter is safe, sound and well cared-for:

  • Have a responsible alumnus, undergraduate or professional property company check the property daily to ensure a loss has not occurred.
  • If it will not affect the function of your fire sprinkler system or other systems requiring water, turn the water off at the main supply line (contact a professional for this service).
  • Remove and dispose of lumber, mattresses or other debris outside the facility, especially near the dumpster
  • Inform the host institution (college/university) as to whether the residence will be occupied or not for the summer and provide proper contact information for the facility
  • Contact emergency service company to conduct an inspection and service emergency lighting, alarm equipment, fire suppression and sprinkler systems.
  • Repair all broken windows and doors to prevent damage from inclement weather; ensure that doors latch completely
  • Unplug and store unused appliances

Have more question regarding summer preparation? View the full summer break checklist or contact Greg Buehner, Pi Kappa Phi Properties executive vice president of asset management, at This information was provided by Holmes Murphy.