Cal Poly SLO Associate Chapter Attends Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers

Our new executive council includes Daniel Benham as Archon, Zach Wackman as Vice Archon, Kevin Vas Dias as Treasurer, Matthew Rosengarten as Secretary, Jay Harvey as Warden, Geoffrey Brelsford as Historian, Jordan Weeks as Philanthropy, Max Takacs as Chaplin, Adam Warr as Risk Manager, and Erik Stafford as Standards Board Chairman.

This was the first time any of the executive council had attended Pi Kapp college for Chapter Officers. Everyone came away with great insights into their position. We all set our sights on the next goal ahead of us, chartering. The goal is to charter within the next two quarters. The chapter wants to thank our new chapter adviser, Cassie Pitken, and everyone else who has helped us on our exceptional journey.