Brothers William T. Sigmon and Eric J. Almquist receive Merit Citations

Both brothers were recognized at the 2014 Supreme Chapter in Atlanta, Ga., for exhibiting exceptional meritorious service to the fraternity. Only one Merit Citation per 4000 living members can be awarded by the Supreme Chapter. Sigmon and Almquist received their awards Friday, April 24, 2015, at an alumni event with the National Council in Charlotte, N.C..

William T. Sigmon has demonstrated exemplary efforts in creating the ideal fraternity through his actions for the betterment of Pi Kappa Phi. Sigmon is a member of the Nu Phi Society, a past board member and chairman of The Ability Experience board, past Supreme Chapter committee chairman, a member of the 2020 strategic planning committee, a leadership donor to the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation Common Loyalty Campaign and currently serves as the Chaplain on the National Council.

Eric J. Almquist has served the Pi Kappa Phi Properties Board of Directors including chairman and two terms as vice president. He also sat on The Ability Experience board of directors from 1997 – 2006. Almquist was a cultivated undergraduate member as a Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers facilitator, served as a committee chairman during the 53rd Supreme Chapter, and was a member of the 2020 strategic planning committee. He currently is the National Historian on the National Council.

Congratulations to both men for receiving this prestigious award.