The privilege of spending my entire college career, as a brother of the Theta Rho Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi is something I will always cherish. Being “Alpha Man” or the resident old guy of the chapter means I came in and left with two completely different groups of brothers. When I came in, the chapter was just over two years old, we had 25 active brothers, a few of the original founding fathers were still active and I was just the 60th member initiated. I now leave a chapter entering it’s eighth year and 60 active brothers and there have been over 100 brothers initiated since me.

a new generation of brothers is stepping up and filling the void we are creating by leaving. It is time for you to create and build upon your memories and continue a tradition of greatness that our chapter has experienced. We have placed our trust in you and we know you will not disappoint.

(Via Facebook / @Ben DeRyke)