Alpha Delta Chapter continues relationship with Seattle Adaptive Sports

The Red Dance is an event put on every year by Seattle Adaptive Sports to engage campers from Camp Casey, a longstanding summer program to benefit children and young adults with disabilities.

Many of the campers who attend Camp Casey have been doing so for many years and have established relationships with some of the brothers from Alpha Delta. The Red Dance is meant to be a chance for friends from Camp Casey to come together and reflect on fun times they have had together as well as interact with members of the local community who support Seattle Adaptive Sports.

Brothers from Alpha Delta and campers from Camp Casey enjoyed an evening full of dancing, food, refreshments, and great friends. As mentioned earlier, the Red Dance is affiliated with an organization called Seattle Adaptive Sports. Seattle Adaptive Sports is a local group with a mission to provide the opportunity for youth and adults with physical disabilities to participate and compete in athletic and recreational activities.

In addition to attending the Red Dance, brothers from Alpha Delta volunteer with Seattle Adaptive Sports throughout the year at various other events. The brothers of Alpha Delta Chapter are looking forward to volunteering at the upcoming Women’s Divisional National Championship wheelchair basketball tournament next month. It is through volunteering at events such as this that brothers learn the true meaning of ability as they bear witness to the skill and achievements of the talented athletes from Seattle Adaptive Sports.