Direct: (980) 318-5381

Chapter: Kappa Iota #10
College: Idaho
Hometown: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Justin Horne

Director of Communication

Justin Horne is the Director of Communication at Pi Kappa Phi headquarters. With a marketing and design background, his work focuses on how to better communicate the Pi Kappa Phi message as an organization to alumni, friends and family, and future brothers. With a background consisting of many non-profit and passion-projects, he’s excited to be marketing and spreading the message of Pi Kappa Phi and The Ability Experience. Justin is very encouraged to spend my day telling the story of how brothers biking cross-country to raise money for people of different abilities or promoting an alumni event that brings together brothers spanning 50 years. One of his favorite phases is “ideas become things,” and he says that he’s excited to contribute to the brand and communication direction of the fraternity.

Justin graduated from the University of Idaho with a B.S., Virtual Technology & Design in 2015. His major combined modern design thinking and process with a heavy focus on finding individual passions and solving unique problems. He believes most people have a design problem even if they don’t see it as such. Immediately after graduating he interned at the top advertising agency in Idaho, Drake Cooper Advertising. There he was exposed to a wide variety of clients and fell in love with promoting non-profit causes. From there, he worked at his alma mater, serving as coordinator of recruitment marketing. While he enjoyed that role and being in his home community, the chance to be on the marketing team for Pi Kapp was too much to pass up.

After an injury back in high school forced him into physical therapy (and came with a warning that he needed to stay fit to not be in permanent pain,) cycling has been a central focus in his life. Journey of Hope was one of the things that originally drew him to Pi Kapp so closely. He remembers thinking that “If these guys dedicated themselves to cycling cross country for a good cause, they’re probably worth chatting to.” His love of cycling eventually moved into running and swimming, and he’s now an accomplished triathlete eyeing a full Ironman in the next year or two. He’s also extremely happy to live in an area of the US which isn’t cold until June! Beyond his love of fitness, Justin is a self-professed “Huge coffee, cooking, and photography nerd.”