Direct: (214) 635-9004

Chapter: Gamma Tau #165
College: University of North Texas
Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Dawaelyne Jones

Senior Leadership Consultant

Dawaelyne is looking forward to working as a leadership consultant to further develop his networking and communications skills, as well as, chapter leadership across the country. His goal is to help chapters nationwide grow and become successful men of Pi Kappa Phi, by developing their chapters leaders. He hopes to bring out the best in our brothers nationwide by helping develop their character as they discover their strengths that will help them be successful, not only in their chapters and future careers, but also on their college campuses and overall community.

Dawaelyne graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s of Art in Radio, Television and Film. During his undergraduate career, he served on the student government association executive board for two years (2015 & 2016), elected the President of GLAD (2016), and served as a member of the North Texas 40, which is composed of some of the top forty student leaders on campus. Dawaelyne held numerous chair positions and served as a sitting member for several committees while in the Gamma Tau chapter. Eventually, he was elected Warden, overseeing an extraordinary time of growth and development for his chapter.

His hobbies include listening to music, traveling, writing, and watching movies.

Dawaelyne will work with the following chapters during the Spring 2019 term:

  • Gamma (UC – Berkeley)
  • Nu (Nebraska)
  • Alpha Delta (Washington)
  • Alpha Zeta (Oregon State)
  • Alpha Omicron (Iowa State)
  • Alpha Phi (Illinois Inst. of Tech)
  • Alpha Omega (Oregon)
  • Delta Delta (Truman State)
  • Delta Chi (Kansas State)
  • Epsilon Mu (Bradley)
  • Epsilon Nu (Sacramento State)
  • Zeta Sigma (UC – Davis)
  • Eta Theta (San Francisco)
  • Eta Omicron (San Francisco State)
  • Theta Epsilon (Kansas)
  • Theta Theta (Iowa)
  • Theta Iota (Washington State)
  • Theta Omicron (Nevada – Reno)
  • Iota Rho (Western Illinois)
  • Iota Psi (Boise State)
  • Kappa Beta (Illinois State)
  • Kappa Iota (Idaho)
  • Gamma Lambda (Missouri S&T)