A new place to call home in Mount Pleasant

Located on Main Street, which is now home to more than half the fraternities and sororities on campus, the new Beta Xi house is on the first block giving brothers the perfect location as they move forward.

The Beta Xi Chapter was welcomed back to campus Spring of 2011 after remaining dormant for four years. The re-chartering moved forward but the chapter had no place to call home until an opening towards the end of the nonofficial Greek row opened up. The past Alpha Chi Rho chapter house had an opening and although small it would create the ideal home for brothers to hold meetings, live together and grow. After signing the lease the home was a good start to where the chapter wanted to be but it was not the final answer. Due to zoning issues and the newly established Pi Kapp house being located near a family/residential area the house could not have fraternity letters so the brothers had to adapt and utilized a lone flag pole to mark where their house was located. Two years went by without an answer for the housing situation.

A good fraternity house is always a priority for competitive fraternities and sororities but without an opening somewhere closer to campus the current housing situation remained the only option. Fast forward to 2014 and the perfect opportunity opened up. A two year old home built on the first block of Main Street neighboring fraternity/sorority houses, Central Michigan’s campus and tons of opportunity. With the help of Beta Xi Chapter Advisor Dave Barberi the home was acquire in a few short months to give the brothers a new home starting the 2015 Fall semester. The newly acquired home would house a large amount of brothers, be allowed to showcase letters and be more efficient when holding chapter events. In three months the home for the chapter has already brought a good recruitment, an amazing homecoming celebration with alumni and a good outlook for the next 10 years as the Beta Xi Chapter continues to utilize a home where they can establish themselves as an exceptional fraternity.