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Chapter Newsletters

Chapter newsletters have played an important role in keeping alumni connected to their fraternity and to the friends they’ve found through fraternity for many decades.  Arguably, there has been no greater outreach tool that student chapters and alumni organizations have employed than the periodic publication of a newsletter. 

Chapter newsletters as we know them today began in earnest circa 1920.  In the 1929 official history of the fraternity, Executive Secretary George Sheetz, Alpha (Charleston), commented on the proliferation of newsletters during this time. 

Newsletter Templates

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Recent Chapter Newsletters

Today chapter newsletters take many forms, but many are still published under the same name as they were in 1920.  Even in today’s modern world, few things still have the same impact on a group of alumni as quality alumni newsletter. 

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-Beta (Presbyterian College) (1)   -Gamma (University of Cal at Berkley) (2)  
-Delta (Furman University) (1)   -Epsilon (Davidson College) (1)  
-Zeta (Wofford College) (1)   -Eta (Emory University) (2)  
-Theta (University of Cincinnati) (1)   -Iota (Georgia Institute of Technology) (2)  
-Kappa (UNC - Chapel Hill) (5)   -Lambda (University of Georgia) (1)  
-Mu - (Duke University) (2)   -Nu (University of Nebraska - Lincoln) (1)  
-Xi (Roanoke College) (1)   -Omicron (University of Alabama) (1)  
-Pi (Oglethorpe University) (1)   -Rho (Washington & Lee University) (1)  
-Sigma (Univ. of South Carolina) (5)   -Tau (NC State University) (5)  
-Upsilon (Univ. of Illinois) (3)   -Phi (Univ. of Tulsa) (1)  
-Chi (Stetson University) (1)   -Psi (Cornell University) (1)  
-Omega (Purdue University) (11)   -Alpha Alpha (Mercer University) (2)  
-Alpha Beta (Tulane University) (1)   -Alpha Gamma (University of Oklahoma) (1)  
-Alpha Delta (University of Washington) (2)   -Alpha Epsilon (University of Florida) (4)  
-Alpha Zeta (Oregon State Universty) (2)   -Alpha Eta (Samford University) (2)  
-Alpha Theta (Michigan State) (1)   -Alpha Iota (Auburn University) (2)  
-Alpha Kappa (University of Michigan) (2)   -Alpha Lambda (University of Mississippi) (1)  
-Alpha Mu (Penn State) (1)   -Alpha Nu (Ohio State University) (1)  
-Alpha Xi (St. John's University) (1)   -Alpha Omicron (Iowa State University) (2)  
-Alpha Pi (University of the South) (1)   -Alpha Rho (West Virginia University) (6)  
-Alpha Sigma (University of Tennessee) (4)   -Alpha Tau (Renesselaer Polytechnic Inst) (2)  
-Alpha Upsilon (Drexel University) (8)   -Alpha Phi (Illinois Inst. of Technology) (3)  
-Alpha Chi (University of Miami) (1)   -Alpha Psi (Indiana University) (7)  
-Beta Alpha (NJIT) (1)   -Beta Beta (Florida Southern) (1)  
-Beta Gamma (U. of Louisville) (1)   -Beta Delta (Drake University) (1)  
-Beta Epsilon (Univ. of Missouri - Columbia) (1)   -Beta Zeta (Simpson College) (1)  
-Beta Eta (Florida State University) (12)   -Beta Theta (University of Arizona) (2)  
-Beta Iota (University of Toledo) (2)   -Beta Kappa (Georgia State University) (4)  
-Beta Lambda (University of Tampa) (1)   -Beta Mu (McNeese State University) (1)  
-Beta Nu (University of Houston) (2)   -Beta Xi (Central Michigan University) (1)  
-Beta Omicron (Northwestern State Univ LA) (6)   -Beta Pi (Eastern Michigan) (1)  
-Beta Rho (Clarkson University) (1)   -Beta Sigma (Northern Illinois University) (1)  
-Beta Tau (Valdosta State University) (1)   -Beta Upsilon (University of Virginia) (1)  
-Beta Chi (East Texas State Univ.) (1)   -Beta Psi (Tennessee Wesleyan) (1)  
-Gamma Alpha (University of West Alabama) (1)   -Gamma Beta (Old Dominion) (2)  
-Gamma Gamma (Troy University) (1)   -Gamma Delta (University of Memphis) (3)  
-Gamma Epsilon (Western Carolina) (1)   -Gamma Zeta (West Virginia Tech) (1)  
-Gamma Eta (Athens College) (1)   -Gamma Theta (UNC - Wilmington) (1)  
-Gamma Iota (LSU) (1)   -Gamma Kappa (Georgia Southern Univ.) (1)  
-Gamma Lambda (Missouri Univ Science & Techno) (2)   -Gamma Mu (Belmont Abbey College) (1)  
-Gamma Nu (LaGrange College) (2)   -Gamma Xi (Georgia Southwestern Univ.) (1)  
-Gamma Omicron (Bethel College) (1)   -Gamma Pi (Northwestern State Univ. OK) (1)  
-Gamma Rho (Lander University) (1)   -Gamma Sigma (Armstrong College) (1)  
-Gamma Tau (University of North Texas) (1)   -Gamma Upsilon (Oklahoma State) (1)  
-Gamma Phi (University of South Alabama) (1)   -Gamma Chi (Jacksonville University) (1)  
-Gamma Psi (Augusta College) (1)   -Gamma Omega (University of Montevallo) (1)  
-Delta Alpha (Virginia Polytechnic Inst.) (2)   -Delta Beta (North Georgia College) (1)  
-Delta Gamma (University of Nebraska - Omaha) (1)   -Delta Delta (Truman State University) (2)  
-Delta Epsilon (Jacksonville State) (1)   -Delta Zeta (Appalachian State Univ.) (1)  
-Delta Eta (Morehead State Univ.) (2)   -Delta Theta (Mars Hill College) (1)  
-Delta Iota (Middle Tennessee State Univ.) (5)   -Delta Kappa (Pembroke State University) (1)  
-Delta Lambda (UNCC) (2)   -Delta Mu (Methodist College) (1)  
-Delta Nu (Western Kentucky University) (1)   -Delta Xi (University of North Alabama) (1)  
-Delta Omicron (Nicholls State) (1)   -Delta Pi (Wright State University) (1)  
-Delta Rho (USC) (1)   -Delta Sigma (Bowling Green State) (5)  
-Delta Tau (James Madison Univ.) (2)   -Delta Upsilon (Univ. of Pittsburg) (1)  
-Delta Phi (Radford University) (1)   -Delta Psi (Univ. of Texas - Arlington) (1)  
-Delta Omega (Texas A&M) (7)   -Epsilon Alpha (Elon University) (1)  
-Epsilon Beta (Grand Valley State College) (1)   -Epsilon Gamma (Longwood University) (1)  
-Epsilon Delta (Auburn Univ. - Montgomery) (1)   -Epsilon Epsilon (Univ. of Virginia at Wise) (2)  
-Epsilon Zeta (Univ. of Central Arkansas) (1)   -Epsilon Eta (Withrop University) (1)  
-Epsilon Theta (Seton Hall) (1)   -Epsilon Iota (UNC - Greensboro) (1)  
-Epsilon Kappa (Southern Polytechnic State Univ.) (1)   -Epsilon Lambda (University of SC - Upstate) (2)  
-Epsilon Nu (California State University - Sacramento) (1)   -Epsilon Xi (Lasalle University) (1)  
-Epsilon Omicron (Villanova University) (1)   -Epsilon Rho (Lenoir-Rhyne University) (2)  
-Epsilon Sigma (Christain Brothers Univ.) (1)   -Epsilon Tau (St. Joseph's Univ.) (1)  
-Epsilon Upsilon (Georgia College & State University) (5)   -Epsilon Phi (Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham) (1)  
-Epsilon Chi (University of Denver) (1)   -Epsilon Psi (Slippery Rock University of PA) (1)  
-Epsilon Omega (Texas Tech University) (1)   -Zeta Alpha (Clemson University) (6)  
-Zeta Beta (Univ. of Calif. - San Diego) (1)   -Zeta Gamma (University of North Dakota) (1)  
-Zeta Delta (Shippenburg Univ.) (1)   -Zeta Epsilon (George Mason Univ.) (2)  
-Zeta Zeta (Univ. of North Florida) (1)   -Zeta Eta (Univ. of South Florida) (2)  
-Zeta Theta (Univ. of Texas - Austin) (1)   -Zeta Iota (Indiana PA) (1)  
-Zeta Kappa (Richard Stockton College) (1)   -Zeta Lambda (Cal. State - Chico) (1)  
-Zeta Mu (Cal. State Univ. Northridge) (1)   -Zeta Nu (West Chester University) (3)  
-Zeta Xi (Averett University) (8)   -Zeta Omicron (SUNY - Cortland) (1)  
-Zeta Pi (Marshall University) (1)   -Zeta Rho (Cal. State Univ. - Fullerton) (1)  
-Zeta Tau (Barton College) (1)   -Zeta Upsilon (Bloomsburg University) (1)  
-Zeta Phi (Colorado State University) (2)   -Zeta Chi (Albright College) (1)  
-Zeta Psi (IUPUI) (1)   -Zeta Omega (Townson State University) (1)  
-Eta Alpha (Concord College) (1)   -Eta Beta (Indiana State University) (3)  
-Eta Gamma (Univ. of Colorado - Boulder) (1)   -Eta - Delta (Kennesaw State) (1)  
-Eta Epsilon - (University of Maryland) (1)   -Eta Zeta (Queens University of Charlotte) (3)  
-Eta Theta (Univ. of San Francisco) (1)   -Eta Iota (Christopher Newport Univ.) (1)  
-Eta Kappa (Plattsburgh State) (1)   -Eta Lambda (SUNY - Brockport) (1)  
-Eta Mu (Wingate University) (2)   -Eta Nu (University of Pennsylvania) (1)  
-Eta Xi (SUNY - Albany) (1)   -Eta Omicron (San Francisco State Univ.) (3)  
-Eta Pi (Coastal Carolina) (1)   -Eta Rho (Texas State Univ. - San Marcos) (2)  
-Eta Sigma (UCLA) (2)   -Eta Tau (University of Kentucky) (2)  
-Eta Upsilon (Miami University OH) (6)   -Eta Phi (Univ. of Maryland Balt. County) (2)  
-Eta Chi (TCU) (1)   -Eta Omega (New Mexico State University) (1)  
-Theta Alpha (University of Southern Miss.) (5)   -Theta Beta (University of West Georgia) (2)  
-Theta Gamma (University at Buffalo) (1)   -Theta Delta (Florida Intl. University) (1)  
-Theta Epsilon (University of Kansas) (2)   -Theta Zeta (George Washington University) (3)  
-Theta Eta (American University) (1)   -Theta Theta (University of Iowa) (3)  
-Theta Iota (Washington State University) (1)   -Theta Kappa (Baylor University) (1)  
-Theta Lambda (Missouri State University) (1)   -Theta Mu (University of Massachusetts) (5)  
-Theta Nu (University of Delaware) (1)   -Theta Xi (Arizona State University) (4)  
-Theta Omicron (University of Nevado Reno) (1)   -Theta Pi (University of Texas at Tyler) (1)  
-Theta Rho (Western Michigan University) (1)   -Theta Sigma (California State Long Beach) (1)  
-Theta Tau (High Point University) (2)   -Theta Upsilon (Northern Arizona University) (1)  
-Theta Phi (Lousiana Tech University) (1)   -Theta Chi (Ohio University) (1)  
-Theta Psi (Rochester Institute of Tech) (1)   -Theta Omega (Binghamton University) (1)  
-Iota Alpha (Sacred Heart University) (1)   -Iota Beta (University of Texas at San Antonio) (2)  
-Iota Gamma (University of Wyoming) (1)   -Iota Delta (University of New Hampshire) (1)  
-Iota Epsilon (Susquehanna University) (1)   -Iota Zeta (Stephen F. Austin) (1)  
-Iota Eta (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) (1)   -Iota Rho (Western Illinois) (1)  
-Iota Sigma (San Jose State) (1)   -Northern Iowa (Univ. of Northern Iowa) (1)  
-St Johns (St Johns University Associate) (1)   -Marquette (Marquette University) (1)  
-UT-Chattanooga (Univ of Tennessee Chattanooga) (1)   -Utah State (Utah State University) (1)  
-Rutgers AC (Rutgers University) (1)   -Utah AC (University of Utah) (1)  
-Tenn Tech AC (Tennessee Tech University) (1)   -Rhode Island AC (University of Rhode Island) (1)  
-Iota Kappa (Northern Colorado) (1)   -Shorter (Shorter University) (1)  
-UC-Santa Barbar (University of California - Santa Barbara) (1)   -CSU-Pomona AC (California State Univ. - Pomona) (1)  
-UA-FT Smith (University of Arkansas - Fort Smith) (1)   -Beta Omega (East Tennessee State Univ.) (1)  

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