Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity


Join a Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi

Pi Kappa Phi has chapters on college campuses throughout the country. Since our founding in 1904, we have relied on men who are dedicated to the lifelong values of loyalty, personal responsibility, achievement, accountability, campus involvement and responsible citizenship . Each of our individual chapters participates in recruitment activities on their respective campuses throughout the academic year.

Recruitment on Your Campus 

Regardless of your campus, there is an opportunity for you to go through fraternity recruitment. Most Interfraternity Councils (IFC)—the governing body of fraternities on your campus—will organize a formal recruitment period, usually at the start of each semester. We encourage you to contact your campus’ IFC or Fraternity/Sorority Advisor for information on recruitment dates and activities. Additionally, many of Pi Kappa Phi's chapters participate in a process known as ‘365 Recruitment,' which gives you the opportunity to meet with us at informal gatherings—such as campus athletic events, other clubs or service functions—throughout the year.

Remember, recruitment is a mutual selection process—both you and the fraternity you choose must decide that the fit is right. The goal of recruitment is to allow our brothers a chance to meet you, and for you to see if we are the right match. During recruitment, our brothers look for men who possess our values and goals, including academic achievement, character, fiscal responsibility, leadership, and a commitment to service and community.

 Request more information to learn more about our individual chapters, gain access to recruitment resources, and be connected to our chapter on your campus.