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Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity

Educational Posters

Pi Kappa Phi teams up with interfraternal organizations to create harm reduction educational materials. We've partnered with Alpha Chi Omega, Zeta Tau Alpha and Sigma Nu to create and distribute posters informing members about safe alcohol consumption and risk reduction practices.

100% of Students Have an Obligation to Report Hazing When They See it.
Anti Hazing Fall 2017  Fall 2017 - This poster highlights some statistics related to hazing, the main focus being that 100% of students have an obligation to report hazing.
You Have Options, We Want to Know.
You Have Options  This poster was created to challenge the idea that there is no one to report hazing to and challenging members to speak up when they witnessed these acts, showing the hazing hotline.
Present, Accountable, Human
Mental Health  
Winter 2016 poster was created to remind members of the importance of checking in with others on how they are feeling and to simply be a friend when it comes to supporting the emotional well-being of others.
Men vs. Women: BAC
Men Vs. Women small 
This program prompts conversations about how gender can translate to a marked difference in BAC levels.
These Hands Don't Haze
These Hands Don't Haze small 
This poster was aimed at promoting the movement against hazing and challenging members to join the movement and share their story.
New Year, New You
New Year New You small 

This poster can be used as a positive reminder to think of the new year as a chance to plan for the future success of the chapter.
It's On Us
It's On Us small 
This harm reduction poster was created in support of the “It’s On Us” campaign and serves as a simple, profound reminder that our expectation is members treat others with dignity and respect.
Brotherhood Is...
Brotherhood Is... small 
Fall 2014 poster addressed the positive aspects of brotherhood, one of which is not hazing.
Social Norms: Size Matters
Size Matters small 
A play off the 2012 red Solo Cup design, this poster reminds students that "size matters" when it comes to pouring drinks.
Sexual Assault Prevention
Consent small 
This program from spring 2014 aims to address consent, especially when a person has been drinking.
Reset small 
The Reset program released in winter 2014 is designed to have chapter members think of all the possibilities ahead of them as leaders.
Social Norms
Know the Strength small  Due to the popularity of the Red Solo Cup poster in 2012, a new version was released in fall 2013 to define a standard drink and provide strategies for personal risk reduction.
Know Your Pour
Know Your Pour small 
This program from spring 2013 gave tips for moderating drinking and reducing your personal risk.
Prevention small 
This program from fall 2012 defined prevention and provided ways to keep yourself and your friends safe.
Red Solo Cup
Red Solo Cup small 
This program from spring 2012 educates about what is considered a standard drink and teaches strategies for personal risk reduction.