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If your son chooses to accept a bid of membership to Pi Kappa Phi, he will be embarking on one of the greatest experiences of his life.  He has accepted the challenge to become a leader and scholar amongst his community.  His undergraduate years are just the beginning of his commitment to helping Pi Kappa Phi redefine fraternity as a lifelong brotherhood of leaders.  

Associate Membership

Upon accepting a bid of membership, your son will become an associate member of Pi Kappa Phi.  Associate membership is an opportunity for your son to ensure that he made the right decision in joining Pi Kappa Phi, before assuming a lifelong commitment.  Just as your son will need to adjust to Pi Kappa Phi during this associate membership, the brothers of his chapter will also be adjusting to the new dynamics presented by new members.  There will undoubtedly be a few frustrations, but in the end, your son will enjoy the challenge presented in working for the betterment of himself, his friends, his college, and his community.

Prior to initiation in the fraternity, your son will embark on a journey known as New Member Education.  This 6-12 week process (depending on the campus) is designed to educate your son on the history of Pi Kappa Phi, teach valuable life skills, and prepare him for the Ritual of Initiation which will conclude his associate membership.  There are several overarching components to the associate member period, and each is highlighted below.   

Academic Expectations  

Pi Kappa Phi expects all members, including associates, to make academics their top priority.  Just as there is a minimum GPA requirement to receive a bid, there is a requirement for becoming initiated and remaining an active brother of the fraternity.  While many fraternities have cumulative GPAs above the all-male average on campus, Pi Kappa Phi works with your son to ensure his academic success.  It is likely that during his associate membership and beyond, he will attend Study Hours, meet with an academic advisor to the fraternity, and learn effective study habits.  

Time Commitment

Just as with joining any club or sport, there is a time commitment associated with becoming a member of Pi Kappa Phi.  Your son will be expected to attend weekly chapter and associate meetings, rituals, brotherhood activities, risk management training sessions, and many other events.  However, your son is continually encouraged to maintain a healthy balance of activities within his life, and continue to focus on academics.  Fortunately by joining a fraternity, he will have peers to help hold him accountable and model time management skills. 

Alcohol, Drugs & Hazing

Pi Kappa Phi continues to be a leader in the fraternal community with our stances on social & substance issues.  Since 1936, Pi Kappa Phi has unequivocally opposed all acts of hazing and negative pre-initiation activities in any form and under any circumstance.  Any member of the Fraternity found guilty of committing acts of hazing will be immediately expelled.  Likewise, the fraternity opposes substance abuse at all times, and requires chapter to adhere to all applicable laws governing substances.  

We continue to offer continual training to our undergraduate members regarding the misuse and abuse of alcohol.  Alcohol abuse prevents members from realizing their full potential for exhibiting leadership ability and from exemplifying the characteristics of brotherhood.  All associate members are required to take GreekLifeEdu prior to initiation to help learn and assess their feelings and knowledge regarding the use of alcohol.