Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity


Risk Management Education

Pi Kappa Phi uses a comprehensive approach to risk management education. With a menu of programs and initiatives, Pi Kappa Phi works to address the negative behaviors associated with alcohol and drug abuse, hazing, and sexual abuse and harassment. Through education, training, and mature adult guidance, we provide the tools to help students make good choices and to understand the consequences of their choices.

Our Risk Management Policy

Pi Kappa Phi is a member of the Fraternal Information & Programming Group (FIPG). FIPG has become well-known throughout the interfraternal community, and the group’s one-page risk management policy has become the standard for nearly every fraternity and sorority. The Pi Kappa Phi Risk Management Policy adheres to the FIPG Risk Management Policy with additional rules around fighting/physical abuse and self constructed water features. Ultimately, the fraternity’s risk management policy is a document that can help members reduce our risks as individuals and as an organization and keep members safe.

Download the Pi Kappa Phi Risk Management Policy.