Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity

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Benefits of Greek Life

Leadership Development

Did you know that more than 60 percent of U.S. Congress members and 80 percent of Supreme Court justices belong to a Greek organization? Or that half of all S&P 500 officers and directors are Greek?

Most Greek organizations emphasis leadership development in some form or another, and fraternities provide numerous opportunities to assume leadership roles. In fact, Pi Kappa Phi was founded to create leadership opportunities for its member.


Virtually all fraternities and sororities include service as a core component of the member experience. Pi Kappa Phi, like most Greek organizations, aims to instill a lifelong commitment to giving back. Each year, our student members collectively raise nearly $1 million and volunteer for 5,000 hours for people with disabilities.

Alumni Network

An ‘alumni network’ is one of the great benefits of joining any fraternity.  Pi Kappa Phi has more than 80,000 living alumnidoctors, lawyers, accountants, military officers, business executives and a host of other professions across the globe.

But how does one tap in to the alumni network? Most chapters elect to host various alumni events throughout the year, but students members also have opportunities to attend national conferences and events, interact with volunteers and staff members and connect through social and professional networks that are exclusive to members of Pi Kappa Phi.