Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity


Alumni Organizations 

Alumni Chapters 

Alumni chapters are organizations within the fraternity to connect and engage alumni of a particular chapter.  Alumni chapters seek to:

Effectively communicate with a chapter’s alumni base
Actively engage alumni of a chapter with events and programs
Help alumni to reconnect with old friends
Help alumni to connect with their fraternity
Help seniors transition to life after college

Alumni chapters perform these functions in a number of different ways and many also provide substantial support to their undergraduate chapter.

What about Regional Alumni Chapters?

Pi Kappa Phi does not have regional alumni chapters.  Instead, Pi Kappa Phi’s national staff will work with alumni in a particular metropolitan area to form a ‘City Event Planning Team’.  This team works with the staff to plan events for all Pi Kapps in a specific geographic radius.  These teams are responsible for keeping alumni engaged in the community in which they live.

Housing Corporations

Alumni chapters are separate organizations within the fraternity whose purpose is to secure and maintain competitive housing for a particular student chapter. 

Many housing corporations own chapter houses, while many will also lease houses if ownership is not possible.  Because they are organized around one particular chapter, many Housing Corporations also perform the functions of alumni chapters.