Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity


Life 401

Life 401 is a course in creating a life strategy. Developed by brother John Spence, Alpha Epsilon (Florida), Life 401 was designed especially for Pi Kappa Phi to help members achieve success in their lives.  

John shares his amazing story of failing out of college, turning his life around to graduate at the top of his class, becoming one of the youngest CEOs in America at age 27 and now traveling the world sharing his secrets of success as a consultant and author.

John teaches the same advanced tools and techniques in Life 401 that he teaches to high-level executives at major corporations around the globe. In one day,  he will teach you how to get what you want out of school and life.  

Life 401 will teach you:

How to run your life smoothly
How to deal with and reduce the everyday stress of college
Ways to make positive success oriented life decisions
Ways to map out your life to obtain your dream job 

If you would like John Spence to visit your campus, visit www.johnspence.com.