Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity



Since 2008, Pi Kappa Phi has partnered with Outside The Classroom to offer GreekLifeEdu—an interactive program focusing on alcohol consumption, hazing, and sexual assault that helps students make safer and healthier decisions. 

The online prevention program educates students about behaviors that compromise personal safety while challenging preconceived social norms. Customized to each student, the course provides an experience that impacts both individual behavior and chapter culture. Through the use of non-opinionated, science-based content, as well as surveys, knowledge tests and interactive exercises, GreekLifeEdu helps students adopt positive behaviors and build self-efficacy. 

The National Council of Pi Kappa Phi requires all associate members to pass Part 1 of GreekLifeEdu with a grade of at least 70 percent prior to initiation. 

For more information about GreekLifeEdu, contact  Director of Prevention Education Brooke Kingsley Isbell at bisbell@pikapp.org.