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Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity


Core Values

Pi Kappa Phi’s esoteric values are taught to each member through our Ritual of Initiation. During this secret ceremony, we learn, in the words of our founders, the principles and ideals upon which our fraternity was built more than a century ago. Our Ritual is a call to action — a commitment to strive each day to live by our founding principles and work perpetually for the betterment of Pi Kappa Phi. More importantly, however, is how we publicly express our values.

Our Student Creed codifies the lessons and commitments made during our Ritual of Initiation; it is the basis for our public values statement. Adopted by the 54th Supreme Chapter in 2014, our public values statement, expresses to all members — initiated and associate members, students and alumni — and non-members the principles upon which Pi Kappa Phi was founded and upon which our daily decisions should be made.

Common Loyalty

A commitment to Pi Kappa Phi that transcends any personal selfishness.

Personal Responsibility

The expectation that you live both your personal values, as well as those espoused in the Fraternity’s Ritual of Initiation.


The expectation that you find your passion and excel.


The duty to uphold and abide by the Fraternity’s standards of conduct and to use Ultimate Respect when confronting brothers who fail in their obligations to Pi Kappa Phi.

Campus Involvement

The obligation to become engaged in the college or university community.

Responsible Citizenship

The duty to lead and the privilege to serve others in order to better the world around you.

Lifelong Commitment

The obligation to remain involved in Pi Kappa Phi after graduation and to work perpetually to build the ideal fraternity.