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Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity


Leadership Development

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity is a value-based membership development organization that focuses on building brotherhood through character enhancement, leadership development, academic achievement, commitment to service, lifelong friendship and social experiences.

We are committed to holistic development of our undergraduate members, and we are finely tuning our educational initiatives through intentional, valid assessment practice and student feedback application. 

New Member Education 

New member education begins with the first interaction a potential new member has with an initiated brother. This reality is a sobering yet inspirational one and fuels Pi Kappa Phi resource and national experience development in order to help our men further hone their natural leadership style and internalize the importance of filling their role in their fraternity, collegiate and local community.

Please visit our resources section to download and utilize our new member education enhancement materials.   

Continued Education

Pi Kappa Phi has long been an interfraternal leader in educating its members. Starting with Pi Kapp College in 1959, Pi Kappa Phi has a long history of creating and adapting educational programs to meet the changing needs of each generation of Pi Kapp men. To address emerging trends on campuses and in fraternities, Pi Kappa Phi is developing of a comprehensive member education palate relevant to today’s college men, which will provide opportunities for a meaningful lifelong fraternity experience and prepare them to shoulder their full responsibility as citizens in a global society.