Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity


Alumni Initiate Program

Not every person has the opportunity to become an initiated member of a college fraternity. Some schools do not have Greek organizations, other people’s schedules in college did not allow them to join, or they could not find the right fraternity for them.

Becoming an initiated brother of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity is a great honor and privilege. While most of our members join as undergraduate students, we have chosen to expand our fraternity by initiating alumni into our brotherhood. As an alumnus initiate, this privilege takes on more meaning for the initiate and Pi Kappa Phi, than joining as an undergraduate.

Initiating as an alumnus is comparable to receiving an honorary degree from a major university or even the ancient tradition of Knighthood. Alumni Initiation is recognition for your achievements as an adult, but as Pi Kappa Phi, we consider it as recognition of all you are going to accomplish.

Pi Kappa Phi chooses outstanding individuals to become members as alumni because we realize joining a fraternity is a life-long commitment. While most of fraternity focuses on the four years spent in college, there is still more that you can do for the fraternity, and the fraternity has even a great deal more it can offer you. The fraternity recognizes alumni bring experience, wisdom, knowledge, and a vast network we could not do without.

Helping today’s students is one of the goals our alumni aspire to achieve through Pi Kappa Phi. Building better men and lifelong friendships is what Pi Kappa Phi is all about.  

For more information about recruiting alumni initiates or about how to become an alumni initiate yourself, you can contact the national staff at alumniservices@pikapp.org

It is also recommended that you consult the alumni initiation manual