Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity


Legacy Program

Pi Kappa Phi’s legacy program allows alumni members to create a truly unique bond that blends family with fraternity.  

The National Headquarters refers all information obtained through the Legacy Program directly to our student chapters, which, in turn, recruit the legacy member. You can Recommend a Legacy or contact a member of the Chapter Development Team with questions regarding Pi Kappa Phi's legacy program.  

Who qualifies as a legacy? 

Traditionally, a legacy is considered to be a direct family member of an initiated brother (i.e. brother, son, nephew, grandson, etc.). Pi Kappa Phi’s Supreme Law expands on that definition to include any person directly recommended by an alumnus in good standing shall be treated as a legacy. In short, a legacy is a young man who an alumnus holds in high regard and would recommend for membership in a chapter.

Do all legacies receive bids? 

In Pi Kappa Phi, no chapter is required to extend a bid to a legacy if they feel they are not good fit for the chapter.

However, chapters are required by Supreme Law to actively recruit legacies. In the case where the chapter chooses not of offer a bid to a legacy, the archon or vice archon must contact the alumnus associated with the legacy to provide an explanation for not extending the bid.