Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity


The Financial Obligations of Membership

Your son will have financial responsibilities when it comes to joining any fraternity. At Pi Kappa Phi, we place a large emphasis on understanding the financial obligations of membership prior to joining, once your son joins a local chapter, he will be expected to fulfill his financial obligation for the full tenure of his undergraduate education. 

On a national level, there are four costs the chapter will incur on behalf of its members:

  1. One-time Pre-initiation fee of $70 (some chapters will charge $85 to include the cost of a $10 White Diamond associate education manual and $5 white diamond associate member pin).
  2. One-time Initiation fee of $195 (some chapters will charge $210 to include the cost of a $15 member badge).
  3. Annual membership dues, $130 ($65 per semester).
  4. Annual liability insurance, $180 (this can fluctuate based on the greater organization’s recent claim history).

Many chapters decide to incorporate all the national fees into their local dues structure. Pi Kappa Phi’s governing bylaws allow each chapter to set and levy their own dues beyond the national minimums. Typical semester dues will include other local fees such as housing, Interfraternity Dues, social activities or meal plans. Depending on where your son goes to college will determine the amount of dues he will have to pay each semester.

Your son should be aware of these, and all associated costs before he commits to joining, if your son is truly interested in becoming a member of Pi Kappa Phi, he should work out a budget and determine whether or not joining is affordable.