Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity


Recruitment Process

Process of Joining a Chapter

Pi Kappa Phi is redefining fraternity as a lifelong brotherhood of leaders.  We are constantly looking for young men of character, leadership, achievement, service, and scholarship.  We are interested in men who share our vision and who are willing to uphold our standards of leadership, academics, financial responsibility, and personal development. 

On Campus Recruitment 

Our local collegiate chapters participate in their campus’ recruitment efforts to identify and select young men who will uphold and abide by our standards and values.  While each campus has different nuances in their membership recruitment process, most follow a similar model.  Chapters on a campus will organize a process designed to allow members to meet men interested in joining their chapter.  At the conclusion of this process (which often takes a week), chapters extend a formal invitation to membership, known as a bid.  A young man taking part in recruitment may receive bids from several fraternities, and it is up to him to choose the fraternity with which he would like to affiliate.  If your son is interested in taking part in recruitment, he should contact the University’s Office of Fraternity/Sorority Affairs. 

In addition to the formal recruitment process, our chapters practice “365 recruitment”—recruiting new members throughout the year.  This process is much more informal, and our members get to know your son in settings such as philanthropy events, campus athletics, student activities, or classes. 

Just as your son researched, visited, and selected the college that best fit his needs, you should encourage your son to seek out the fraternity that best fits his personality, needs, and desires.  Your son will find that there is a place for everyone, even if it is not Pi Kappa Phi.  Remember, it is a mutual selection process, and he must choose the fraternity that will provide the best opportunities to him, just as our chapters must choose to select men who fit well with the chapter.   

Eligibility for Membership 

To be eligible to receive a bid from an undergraduate chapter, your son must meet certain criteria in addition to the desire to uphold our values.  He must have a minimum cumulative high school GPA at or above 2.5 (if he is joining his first semester of college), a cumulative college GPA at or above the all-men’s average on campus, or a cumulative college GPA of 2.5 or better.  Additionally, your son must be enrolled full-time in the institution where the chapter is located. 

Furthermore, each campus has specific requirements for men to affiliate with a fraternity.  These may include meeting a certain number of academic credits before going through recruitment, or additional GPA guidelines.  By contacting the Office of Fraternity/Sorority Affairs, your son can get all the requirements he will need to fulfill to be eligible for a bid to membership.     

Legacy Recruitment


If your son is a legacy of Pi Kappa Phi, please be sure to let us know.