Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity


National Policies

Alcohol, Drugs & Hazing

Pi Kappa Phi continues to be a leader in the fraternal community with our stances on social & substance issues.  Since 1936, Pi Kappa Phi has unequivocally opposed all acts of hazing and negative pre-initiation activities in any form and under any circumstance.  Any member of the Fraternity found guilty of committing acts of hazing will be immediately expelled.  Likewise, the fraternity opposes substance abuse at all times, and requires chapter to adhere to all applicable laws governing substances.  

We know that college is a life changing experience for a young man.  For many, it is the first time living away from home.  Today’s college campus offers many activities, distractions and social temptations. We continue to offer continual training to our undergraduate members regarding the misuse and abuse of alcohol.  Alcohol abuse prevents members from realizing their full potential for exhibiting leadership ability and from exemplifying the characteristics of brotherhood.  All associate members are required to take GreekLifeEdu prior to initiation to help learn and assess their feelings and knowledge regarding the use of alcohol.