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Risk Management

Philosophy Statements

Acrobat File  Philosophy Statement: Alcohol 
Acrobat File  Philosophy Statement: Illegal Drugs & Other Controlled Substances 
Acrobat File  Philosophy Statement: Hazing 
Acrobat File  Philosophy Statement: Sexual Misconduct 

Governing Documents & Policies

Acrobat File  Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Risk Management Policy 
Acrobat File  The Ability Experience Events with Alcohol Chapter Resource Guide 

Additional Resources

Acrobat File  Alcohol Education Exercises & Activities 
Acrobat File  Alcohol Poisoning Fact Sheet 
PowerPoint File   Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP) PowerPoint 
Acrobat File   ASTP Alcohol Assistance Resources 
Acrobat File  BYOB Guidelines 
Acrobat File   Blood Alcohol Chart for Females 
Acrobat File   Blood Alcohol Chart for Males 
mp3 File  Chico State 911 Call 
 Acrobat File  The Choice is Yours Facilitation Guide 
mp3 File The Choice is Yours Video 
Acrobat File  Consent Guidelines Fact Sheet 
Acrobat File  Crisis Management Plan 
Acrobat File  Designated Driver Guidelines 
Acrobat File  Event Contract & Third Party Vendor Checklist 
Acrobat File  Fire Safety Fact Sheet 
Acrobat File  Fraternity House Self-Inspection Checklist 
PowerPoint File  GreekLifeEdu Custom Question Data PowerPoint (2015-2016) 
Acrobat File  Hazing Prevention Resources 
Acrobat File  Holmes Murphy Tailgating Best Practices  
  Acrobat File  Holmes Murphy Crime Prevention Safeguards 
Acrobat File  "Ideas Worth Spreading:" TED Talks on Manhood, Friendship, & Mental Health 
Acrobat File  Illegal Drugs & Other Controlled Substances Resource 
PowerPoint File   Is It Worth It? PowerPoint 
Acrobat File  Ladder of Risk Chapter Handouts 
PowerPoint File   Ladder of Risk PowerPoint 
Acrobat File  Member Accident Protection Program (MAPP) Brochure 
Acrobat File  Party Themes Fact Sheet 
Acrobat File  Prevention Education Strategy (2016-2017) 
Word Document  Prevention Plan Template 
  Acrobat File Resources for Planning Events
Acrobat File  Risk Management Goals (2015) 
Acrobat File  Risk Reduction Checklist 
Acrobat File  Securing & Executing an Event Contract 
Acrobat File  Security Vendor Checklist 
Acrobat File  Sexual Assault Fact Sheet 
Acrobat File  Sober Officer & Sober Monitor Resource 
PDF Document  Social Event Planning Guide 
PowerPoint File  Social Event Planning Guide PowerPoint 
PowerPoint File   Ultimate Respect in Action PowerPoint 
Acrobat File  Who Killed Jane Doe? Exercise 
Acrobat File  Who Killed Justin Smith? Exercise 
Word Document  Written Risk Management Procedures Template