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Fundraising & Saving

Experts in Pi Kappa Phi and the interfraternal world will agree that developing and communicating a strong vision with alumni and the student chapter collectively is the first step in planning for the future. Though keeping an eye on the local housing market for a new housing opportunities is important, being prepared with a long-term savings plan must be in place.  If you haven’t started, get started today.

Local Fundraising Efforts 

For smaller fundraising projects or plans, local, ongoing fundraising efforts are important to consider as part of the chapter and alumni program. Below are some examples of how alumni organizations and chapters and can operate a regular fundraising or savings effort:

  • Alumni voluntary dues
  • Line-item in your annual chapter budget
  • Housing surplus savings plan

Working with a National Fundraising Consultant 

Capital campaigns have helped a number of chapters work to accomplish renovation projects or complete new chapter housing. Pi Kappa Phi Properties has worked with a number of fundraising firms that can help your chapter plan for a major project.

Working with the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation:

The Pi Kappa Phi Foundation operates a Chapter Investment Fund (CIF) for each chapter. A CIF is an endowment account held by the Foundation that allow alumni and friends of the fraternity to make a tax-deductible gift to Pi Kappa Phi for the benefit of a specific chapter.