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Housing on Your Campus

It is Pi Kappa Phi Properties’ goal to provide a quality chapter home that is competitive with each chapter’s campus/fraternity housing.

Housing for our chapters varies across the country. While many chapters operate housing through a local housing corporation or Pi Kappa Phi Properties, others benefit from partnerships with university housing or other third parties.

Properties has resources to help support your chapter’s housing effort whether seeking to achieve more competitive housing or acquire housing for the first time. There are four essential factors that your chapter and alumni chapter or housing corporation should consider when acquiring housing:

Strength of Chapter 

When it comes to housing, a strong chapter and chapter-size is important.

Chapters should demonstrate an ability to recruit consistently and be in the top half of chapter sizes in the country. Many chapters recommend a chapter size of at least twice the occupancy of the property.

Competitive housing can be a good recruiting tool on your campus; however a house cannot create a strong chapter. The foundation for a strong chapter must be in place before a chapter should seek out a chapter house.

Alumni Chapters, Housing Corporations, Parents’ Clubs 

A committed alumni organization and alumni base is one of the chapter’s greatest assets. Alumni corporations that are legally registered and compliant with all state and IRS requirements help direct the efforts and long-term vision for a chapter house. Alumni corporations that have a minimum of 3-4 officers with specific responsibilities and areas of expertise add value to the chapter house organization.

Parents’ Clubs are great ideas for chapters to involve parents in the chapter experience. Many parents are highly involved in their student’s life. Parents Clubs can fill much-needed roles in operations, event planning, and communication.

Housing Availability 

The availability of housing varies from campus to campus, but finding the right property for your chapter, not just any property, is important to consider. Chapters and alumni chapter/housing corporations need to be sure that their property is economically feasible with a business plan that makes sense.

Location and the overall condition of the property is important to consider. Proximity to campus, zoning requirements and neighborhood should all be taken into consideration.  Chapters will want to have a chapter house that will also not have deferred maintenance concerns so that all their funds are put into the property.

Long Term Planning and Savings 

Planning for a successful chapter house program is important. Committed alumni organizations that operate a strong business plan, including a good alumni communication strategy and regular fundraising program will succeed. Chapters and alumni corporations also should set aside funds for unforeseen repair and maintenance items, future upgrades, or future acquisition. 


For information on how Pi Kappa Phi Properties can help you in your planning, contact us (980) 513-5360.