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Eldred J. Harman Museum

Modeled after homes in Charleston, South Carolina at the turn of the nineteenth century, the Eldred J. Harman museum captures the feel and ambiance of the period during with Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity was founded.
With its high plaster ceilings, hardwood floors, decorative wainscoting and warm color scheme, the Eldred J Harman museum recalls the understated elegance of the period and helps visitors connect to the important period in Pi Kappa Phi’s history when a handful of men at the College of Charleston were organizing for grand purposes.

The museum is comprised of eleven themed areas that help to display and convey a particular aspect of the fraternity’s history.  Whether it is the story of Pi Kappa Phi’s founding, whose chronology is meticulously captured in the original minutes, written in green ink by Founder Mixson, or the underappreciated narrative of Pi Kappa Phi’s growth and expansion as seen through the lens of those local fraternities which were absorbed into the greater body, the Eldred J. Harman museum illuminates the people, the stories and the events that helped to shape Pi Kappa Phi into the fraternity it is today.