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Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers

The need for effective chapter officer training continues to be a strategic priority for Pi Kappa Phi.  What began over 25-years ago as “AVA” (Archon – Vice Archon Conference), then later evolved into “AVAT”, has now become one of the largest, most impactful leadership program in the fraternity world, with over 15,000 students participating since 1995.   

In 2017, more than 180 chapters and over 1,800 students participated in our Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers, each in one of 10, unique ‘tracks’ designed specifically for Pi Kappa Phi’s top leadership roles.  Our chapters and ultimately our fraternity rises and falls based on the leadership of our officers.  Through programs like Pi Kapp College, Pi Kappa Phi is ensuring that our officers are full prepared to lead.   

Year after year, the feedback from our students is that this program is one that they need.  Prior to Pi Kapp College 2011, only 28% of participants felt prepared to take on the responsibility of their office, but after Pi Kapp College, close to 90% felt prepared to lead.   

The fraternity’s goals around Pi Kapp College are three fold:

(1) Continue to increase the capacity of the program, allowing more students to participate each year;

(2) Continue to improve the quality of the experience through quality speakers, the utilization of technology and implementation of proven educational techniques 

(3) minimize both the direct (registration fees) and indirect (travel expenses) costs for student chapters to participate.